Meeting Summary and Update, 4.16.10

We welcomed new members, Maria and Deborah.  An invitation has been extended to a second student and Holly will keep us informed.  Update: Lauren has said yes and will join us as well.

We briefly reviewed our charge.  We will be first gathering information, then discussing the various ideas and move toward defining recommendations.   We will also need to define what resources will be needed to support the recommendations we put forth. 

We discussed the role of reviewing research and demographics in our process.  Christy noted that she has ordered a trend report from the Freshman Survey for 1991 through fall 2008.  This will provide important student information, but will not include transfer students.  For example, it was noted that in 1998-1999 the Hispanic student population went from .8 to 8.4 and then decreased.  This would be an opportunity to research what happened during that time frame.  We also have access geographic and comparative selectivity data from Admissions.  Everyone was encouraged to submit suggestions to Christy about data that would be helpful to the study group.  We will update this list at the next meeting. 

Co-chairs Holly and Cheryl will meet with the co-chairs of the Competitive Advantage study group (Heidi and Ken) and will have meetings in between our Expand Whom We Serve group meetings.  We hope to connect the two groups for discussion soon (see the update about this at end of this summary).   Several academic departments requested to meet with us, but the group decided that it would be unfair to meet with a specific group since we could not offer that opportunity to all.   These faculty members will be encouraged to participate in the general conversation circles. 

We discussed potential questions to ask in the conversation circles.  Suggestions included: Who do we serve well and who do who do we serve poorly?   How do we get students to SBC and how can we best retain them?  What do we see as resources that are being under-utilized?   What can others bring that we value?  With whom can we forge relations in the community and build rapport?   What are the opportunities that we have not examined before?   We confirmed that we need to be clear that the purpose of these initial discussions is to brainstorm and gather ideas and not to analyze and critique, at this point. 

Regarding logistics for the conversation circles, we decided that will offer three sessions to faculty and one to staff before the end of the academic year. 

4-30-10   12PM – 1:15PM Burnett A Discussion Group (faculty)

5-5-10     12PM – 1:15PM Johnson Dining Room Discussion Group (faculty)

5-11-10   3:30PM – 4:30PM  Johnson Dining Room Discussion Group (faculty)

5-13-10   12PM – 1:15PM Johnson Dining room Discussion Group (staff)

Each group will have a maximum of 15 persons to sign up, first-come, first-served.   In order to allow all voices to be heard, persons will be limited to 3-4 minutes each, until all are heard, then persons can speak again.   Holly and Cheryl will facilitate and be responsible for keeping the conversation moving and on point.   Everyone will be made aware that they can submit information and suggestions in writing to Holly or Cheryl, or to the blog.   Carrie will draft an announcement to go to the community regarding the process and meeting dates.

Our next meeting is on Thurs. 4.29 at Noon in Burnett A.   Agenda items include: finalizing questions and logistics for conversation circles confirming data points for Christy to research, and coordination of efforts with the Competitive Advantage study group.   Ken Huus and Heidi McCrory will be attending the meeting for the first half hour to discuss opportunities with us

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